Lucien Flores

Director, Writer, & Editor

Lucien Flores thinks he's cool because he's from New York City. He lost his first tooth in the US Capitol building. He write, directs, and edits media and media related things. In other words, he's a filmmaker. 

He's taken on filmmaking jobs from editing promos for Nickelodeon to interning at various production companies. He graduated from Boston University in 2014. 



Michela M. Smith

Director, Writer, & Cinematographer

Born a poor British boy in Liverpool, England, Michela first gained traction as a member of the greatest rock band of all time. Since then, Michela has pursued film with a dream to make a film that intersects Monty Python with “Lawrence of Arabia.”
Since graduating from Boston University with a degree in Film & TV, Michela co-founded Loose Seal Productions to pursue this dream and settle an old score. She was also the associate producer on The Boston Globe’s documentary, “5 Runners,” which aired on the New England Sports Network.


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